Gabriel IT





Gabriel IT

Your partner in Information Technology for a safe network environment.
Professional in Security, Automation and Consultancy.

A young Dutch company from “The Hague, The Netherlands”. Gabriel-IT is founded in the year 2015 by professional Bernard Bos.


We believe Gabriel-IT can contribute with our IT-services to a safer internet. Let your children grow up in a safe internet environment.

We believe Gabriel-IT can improve your business with the use of Information Technology. Not only to develop and implement but primarily to inventory the needs. We believe an inventory of the needs is the basis for our solutions. To support business in a world where it’s important to protect data. We believe we can make a difference in offering reliable and innovating solutions. IT-solutions that primarily meet the requirements of the consumers core business.


Our mission is to successfully implement Information Technology services which are:

  • Submissive to the consumer core business
  • A foundation for a safe infrastructure
  • Stable